modulor consulting

Modulor Consulting

The choices we make today will define our tomorrow. We are committed to holistic planning and the concepts of appropriate technology. We strive for sustainability in the process and the product and we utilise an integrated approach to sustainable design.


With more than 35 years experience in all forms of construction related projects and more than 25 years specialised health facility planning, design and project management experience in private and government sectors, Modulor Consulting is a progressive consultancy with strong architectural and project management roots.

Modulor Consulting was established by Frik Lange who has successfully consulted both nationally and internationally on many complex projects and who has many years of experience on both public and private projects, having represented both sectors in senior management positions.

Environmental, social and economic challenges including the Covid-19 pandemic are driving new and innovative ways of living and working. At Modular Consulting we are fortunate to be able to rely on many years of pre-pandemic structured remote collaboration in multi-disciplinary environments. Working with international clients such as the IAEA and the IFC, Modern information and communications technology has been part of our operations for more than a decade and we have successfully worked remotely with major clients. We have also applied appropriate technology working with other governmental institutions as far afield as Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen and Afghanistan and others.